Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Too lazy for a title

Salam. Hi.

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.

So a certain someone told me that i like to make things complicated. That i'd take simple things, and turn them into complicated matters. So i thought about it.
And i thought about it more. And a bit more. Until it becomes complicated. So, yeah, i guess it's true.

And then i realised why.
It's not so much liking doing it, it's more to the fact that my mind is currently pretty much empty. Yeah. EMPTY.
I'm not used to not thinking about things that matter. I'm not used to not thinking about the big things and the deep thoughts.
And so my mind is filled with all these trivial thoughts, and all these trivial thoughts are not stimulating enough that i have to make them complicated in order to make them matter.
And thinking of trivial thoughts really drains the energy out.

Then i stopped. I thought no, scratch that.
Why? Why would it be trivial? Why wouldn't it matter?
How is it that in my mind, there are things that are small and trivial?
It doesn't make sense. Even a bacillus is huge if you look under a microscope.
It's all about perception.

Everything we see is a perception, not the truth.

Some things may be of little weight to me, but may be the heaviest thing to some. It's not the face value that matters, really.
It's what it means. It's what it represents. That's what matters.
And we, as empathetic beings, should not be the judge of that.

Being empathetic does not mean we understand what others go through. We don't have to. We never will.
We don't walk in their shoes. And pretending to is just a way of downgrading and minimising their pain.
We shouldn't think that we have to understand. And it shouldn't be expected of us.

Sometimes we get too tired with the world. We feel so drained. We feel disappointed.
And every time we watch the news, our heart bleeds and our brain aches.
We look around us, and the blade cuts deeper.
We get exhausted. we wish we could help, but there's nothing we can do.
We settle with what we can, and eventually the flame fades and blows out.
And so we live in our own little world, doing our own little job, thinking only of our own little problems.

And that thought really scares me.
Thus end my random rambling and ranting on my day off.

A person's a person, no matter how small.
- Dr Seuss; Horton Hears a Who - 

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